Chopstick was first reported at large with an injured paw…when we went to pick him up he got away from the officer. About 2 wks later her was reported again with an injured leg… this time he had chewed his leg off to almost the shoulder. He didn’t know it because he was the sweetest boy ever….didn’t have a care in the world and so friendly. We thought he was so great we as the Friends to amputate and the board agreed.

Since then he has been with us at the shelter and lives in the lobby….I don’t know if he earns his keep but he is a lot of fun with his antics. He can usually be found 2 inches away from your food ON THE BREAK ROOM TABLE while you are eating, lounging in the nature scene acting like he’s one with the other animals or in a basket at the front counter with paperwork piled on top of him.

  • Date: June 17, 2015
  • Success: Chopstick - Amputee