Libby’s Story

Sometime in 2013 a lady who lived in Jacksonville had rescued Libby from a bad situation, someone even trimmed her ears without even using any anesthetic. She knew that Cabot prohibited anyone living there to own a pit bull. She took her home anyway. She could not find her a home, so she reluctantly brought her to Chestnut Animal Clinic in Conway to have her euthanized. She did not want to have to go through with it, as Libby was a fantastic dog.

The girls at the clinic called me and asked if we could help. Susan found a foster for her right away. It took almost 18 months for her to find a permanent home. We had a few calls but no one adopted her, until Melina called and wanted to meet her. They owned a pit bull who they felt needed a companion. The foster took her to meet them and their pit bull and everyone and their dog bonded right away.
Melina has several children and Libby has been a great addition to their family. It is so difficult to place pit bulls, but we were extremely fortunate to find her a good and loving home.

The Friends Group paid for all her medical care, food etc. during those 18 months.
We so love happy endings. Libby is just where she was meant to be to live a long and happy life with a great family.

  • Date: August 19, 2015